Ep. 50 Terry Jaymes Alive

I don't feel like talking about it right now ... but I will talk about my thoughts on death. I also answer a great question off Facebook about how you can inspire others while still being a "dude." Download This Episode Now! … [Read more]

Ten – Four – Twenty Fourteen

You hear it way too often. A life was taken “way too soon” - usually from cancer. That being said, I just lost my brother Mike. There’s a part of me that knows we all have our own journeys in life. We make decisions along the way that greatly … [Read more]

Ep. 49 Terry Jaymes Alive

Have you got comfortable in your personal and work relationships? Terry is here to tell you just how dangerous that is. He shares some of the worst things his wife has ever said to him and how he used it for motivation. And a quote is born - The … [Read more]