Ep. 47 Terry Jaymes Alive

On this show I tell you about three words that can change your life. I also get into how you can create your own culture. This is one of the most empowering shows I have ever done. I know because when I finished recording it I came away energized and … [Read more]


I have been getting asked some great questions lately. Very thoughtful questions from people who really want to have meaningful conversations. Sure, there's the Lex and Terry inquiries like, "Hey! Did that chick have a great ass?"  However, with the … [Read more]

Ep 45 Terry Jaymes Alive

Terry gives away another 11 Day GoCleanse plus he opens up his Facebook page during this recording to answer all questions. He hits on all kinds of stuff like finding balance in your life, the worst celebrity he's ever met and his current "zen" … [Read more]